Fabrizio Schiavi
Hi! I’m Fabrizio Schiavi. I’m a multi-disciplinary designer with skill in typography.
My clients include Ferrari, C.P. Company, Mandarina Duck, Philip Morris, Expanded Music, MTV, Nike, Stone Island, Beretta and many others.
I designed custom fonts for Nike, MTV, Gruppo Montepaschi di Siena, C.P. Company, Al Hamra Complex Kuwait, YU, Beretta and Abitare magazine.

This is a selection of my works chronologically listed:
2015: Custom fonts for Widiba, the new bank of Gruppo Montepaschi, designed with jekyll & hyde
2014: Release of Sirucanorm™ typeface
2013: Custom font for Abitare magazine: Abitare Sans
Abitare Sans™ specimen ebook, graphic design by Artiva
2012: Sys 2.0™, the improved version of my previous system font
Sys in use by CeMM
2012: Custom font for a Nike campaign: Nove
2011: Release of the coding font PragmataPro
PragmataPro sample by Mietek Bak
2011: YU, insurance broker start-up, brand identity
2010: Development of three custom fonts for Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta
2010: Quality Bau rebranding
2009: Book covers for Marco Cantù, a guru of the Delphi language
2008: Design and code of the Stone Island official website with Nina Heydorn
2008: Restyling of the C.P. Company official website (cpcompany-corporate.com)
2007: Siruca™ wayfinding system for Al Hamra complex in Kuwait City, client: Duccio Grassi Architects
Siruca stencil A3 30mm in steel
2006: Corporate identity for the event Mixedmedia, client: Limiteazero, Milan
2006: Design and implementation of the website Duccio Grassi Architects (ducciograssiarchitects.com)
2006: Design for a poster campaign Fabrique in Italie, client: Happycentro, Widen + Kennedy for Nike
2004: Design of Virna™ font for the site of MTV Italia
Virna™ font
2004: Valfrutta corporate font in collaboration with Luciano Perondi
2002: November page of the Scheufelen calendar 2003
2001: Design and code of the official website C.P. Company (cpcompany.com)
2000: Design of the custom font for C.P. Company
2000: Design and code of the Mandarina Duck official website (mandarinaduck.com)
2000: Guide-line for use of the Mandarina Duck logo
2000: Creation of the website for VicMatie (vicmatie.it), art director: Stefano Meneghetti
2000: Realistic illustrations for Ferrari using Macromedia Flash (club.ferrari.com)
1999: Design and code of the site Search for Art sponsored by Mandarina Duck
1999: Restyling of the Philip Morris logo and guide-line, client: Leo Burnett
1999: Participation to the competition under invitation for Blu, the fourth Italian phone operator
1998: Design and code of the Moschino official website (moschino.it) with Manlio Tenaglia
1996: Develope of the font for a Renault campaign requested by Saatchi & Saatchi, Milan
1989: Graphic Design diploma at the Istituto d'Arte P. Toschi in Parma
1971: ★ in Ponte dell’Olio PC Italy