PragmataPro™ 0.821

PragmataPro™ is a condensed monospaced font optimized for screen, designed to be the ideal font for coding and engineering
PragmataPro™ in Eclipse for Mac
Less scrolling
PragmataPro™ has no interline spacing, so the lines are more compact
in height not just in width
PragmataPro™ in Eclipse for Mac, APL coding
Useful unicode characters
and 4 weights

The regular version now has more than 5000 chars.
The bold, italic and bold italic versions have more than 2500 chars
PragmataPro™, PragmataPro™ Bold, PragmataPro™ Italic, PragmataPro™ Bold Italic
for best possible view

More than 3000 characters optimized from 9pt to 48pt to guarantee the best possible readability

Download screenshots
for your evaluation here
PragmataPro™ handhinting of number 0 and aliased text of few line of coding
PragmataPro aliased
sample text
PragmataPro aliased
Ideal coding font
in almost every encoding

PragmataPro™ supports:
— English and Westerns
— Eastern EU
— Cyrillic
— Greek
— Hebrew
— Arabic
— Bopomofo
the complete list of languages supported is more impressive, anyway…
sample cyrillic, hebrew, greek and arabic coding set in PragmataPro
Designed for every coding situation
Agdaexternal link
Agda language sample set in PragmataPro
Haskellexternal link

Watch here all the ligatures available
PragmataPro in Haskell language
APLexternal link
PragmataPro in APL language
Sample of how it works
in box drawing and
block elements
PragmataPro™ box drawing block elements
PragmataPro in VIM Powerlineexternal link
Note 1: necessary glyphs are available in every weight of every version
Note 2: click to the picture to see it at the original resolution
PragmataPro VIM Powerline
Designed for Mathematics
and Chemists

The goal was guaranteed the necessary typographic coverage to professionals.
sample of formula set in PragmataPro
PragmataPro contains
Fraktur for Math

pratically you can transform a roman text in Fraktur Regular and Bold using OpenType feature Stylistic Sets.

One of the few, if not the only, monospaced Fraktur in the world
PragmataPro Fraktur
Designed for Phonethics
with Phonologists

Thanks to the help of Sean Jensen, PragmataPro covers all the useful glyphs for IPA

When I started designing PragmataPro I didn’t know to begin a wonderful journey into the genius of the human race of all time.
Thanks to all introduced me to this unknown beauties and thanks to those who supported this great project!
PragmataPro™ IPA International Phonetic Alphabet sample

Which’s the version for you?

IMPORTANT: FREE updates through version 1.0
Did you seen some issues? Please let me know here Github Thanks!

© 2009-2015 Fabrizio Schiavi
License agreement
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from € 59

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Very useful files after purchase

Copy and paste the char you looking for, with Unicode positioning

The screenshot of "All_chars.txt" set in PragmataPro

Do you want to text in Serif Bold or to know which ligatures are available? This file contents the answer
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