Sys™ 2.0

Sys 1.0 was great,
Sys 2.0 is more

The new version have more Unicode ranges and useful glyphs
Sys™ 2.0 infographic
Now available in 8 weights
to offer the right flexibility of use
Sys Sys-Light Sys-Book Sys-Bold Sys-Italic Sys-LightItalic Sys-BookItalic Sys-BoldItalic
Sharp headlines
Sys™ 2.0 headlines
Readable texts with personality
YU® business plan set in Sys™ 2.0
… also in every screen
Sys™ as web font
Sys™ 2.0 OpenType features
OpenType features

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© 2012 Fabrizio Schiavi
License agreement
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