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Siruca playing cards Italian suite Siruca playing cards
signage engineering and heraldic for more ergonomic cards
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Yu® logo YU
# corporate-identity # naming

YU® intends to revolutionize the Italian insurance system. The ambitious mission is supported by a revolutionary branding based by:
  • the identification of an incisive and memorable name,
  • the first open source logo of the history.
Quality-Bau rebrandng Quality-Bau rebranding
# corporate-identity

Preforated typography to communicate the respect for the nature. More
Books covers designed for Marco Cantù

Marco Cantù
# bookdesign

For Marco Cantù’s “Delphi 2007 Handbook” book cover I duplicated the birds using the Fibonacci sequence.
Nothing represents relation between nature, computer science and mathematics better than the Fibonacci sequence.

Delphi in 2009 adds Unicode features so birds becomes Y and some similar glyphs.

In Delphi 2010 the new great feature is gestures so birds becomes gesture signs.

What next?
Firenze logo proposal by Fabrizio Schiavi Firenze logo (participation)
# corporate-identity

My proposal for the Florence logo contest coming from building decoration of Reinassance architecture.
When you walk in Florence you can’t not see this tipical black/white decoration.

The logo lives in black/white and transparency.
It seems simple but the typographic balance required long time to be obtained
Al Hamra Al Hamra
# corporate-identity # signage-system

I redesigned the graphic identity with a custom font and signage system for the Al Hamra Complex in Kuwait.
My client, Duccio Grassi Architectsexternal link, is in contest with SOMexternal link (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill) of New York, that designed the Al Hamra Towerexternal link near the Complex Duccio Grassi Architects website
# webdesign

I designed the site using an interface resembling the design of the well known work of my client, the store for Max Mara in Soho NY. Some parts of the structure are hidden to clean the space visually. (live from 2007-2010) C.P. Company website
# webdesign

The prestigious fashion mark wanted a functional site where the user arrives quickly to interesting info. The loading time is very short for a photographic site.
Awarded as shocked site of the week at (live from 2001-2007)
cpcompany-corporate.comexternal link (live from 2008-2010)

For this project I have designed two custom fonts: CP Company™ and CP Company Flash™
Mixedmedia 2005 Mixedmedia
# corporate-identity

The logo become a design object as representation of the concept of mixed medias. The object functions as invitation, pass and viral marketing subject. This identity design is for Mixedmedia, a manifestation of digital art, architecture and electronic music planned for 2005.
Milano touristic logo pourpose Milano touristic logo (participation)
# corporate-identity

My proposal for this competition is minimal and ironic:
Milan = dome = vertical segments = dynamism = Milan
The declination use slogan against the city, as unusual manner to invite tourists.
Buy the tshirt of this project.
••••|•   Molto FM logo
# corporate-identity

Molto FM was a project of online radio of Molto Recordings.
My concept for the logo is to reinterpret the symbol of volume, designing it using typographic symbols. The red part of the logo is composed of symbols found in all fonts. Circles are represented by the "bullet" symbol (shift+.) and the bar is made by the symbol, "bar" (shift+/).
The revolutionary idea is that the logo can be realized with any font and no pictures are necessary, so changing the way it looks while the structure remains the same. 1999-2003 Mandarina Duck website
# webdesign

1999, Sartoria Comunicazione commissioned me the design and programming for the Mandarina Duck website - (live from 1999 to 2003). An open request was to convey the right mood of MD, thru peculiar traits of the brand like play, innovation, color, dynamism and fun. To animate in a playful way the web pages I used moving cubes that rotate suggesting a third dimension in the visual space.
Expanded Music sleeves
# sleevedesign

Expanded Music is a record company in Bologna and publish electronic music since 1980's.
My work for Expanded Music is, above all, to design the artworks of the mixcases for djs. Search for Art website
# webdesign

’Search’ is a Sartoria Comunicazione magazine.
In 1999, Sartoria Comunicazione, with the support of Mandarina Duck, set up an art contest called ’Search for Art’.
I was called to make the online version of the issues.
prodotti del sud consumi del nord Prodotti del Sud Consumi del Nord game
# webdesign # game-design

‘Prodotti del Sud Consumi del Nord’ (Southern Products Northern Consumption) is a campaign sponsored by organizations not affiliated with the government (called ONG, whose aim is to help co-operative societies located in under-development countries) such as COSPE and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The objective is to educate students towards a critical approach to consumption.
Choosing a chocolate bar from a co-operative society whose members have been fairly paid, avoiding in this way to by from the multi-nationals is what critical consumption is about, while helping poor and under-developed countries.
I proposed COSPE to create a game involving students and making them play the role of a poor african farmer. As in real life, any choice of the poor farmer would have made him to inevitably succumb in an economical perspective.
In short an ‘anti-multinationals’ game. Watch it (Italian only)
© Fabrizio Schiavi
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