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Designed by Fibonacci

Book covers for Marco Cantù  

My covers designed for Marco Cantù’s books

2009-10-19 Categories: print, site update

FSD T-shirts

Pragmata™ T-shirt

Take a look at my first t-shirts.

'CP Company' used by DDB

Brandt adv by DDB Paris

'CP Company' used by DDB for Brandt refrigerators advertising

My fonts shown in Computer Arts

Computer Art Project magazine showcase

Siruca, CP Company and Virna are shown at page 6 of Computer Art Projects magazine (UK) issue 97

2007-05-07 Categories: CP Company, print, Siruca, Virna

'CP Company' used by Cristina Chiappini

Roses of Flesh, spines of light

Cristina Chiappini used very well my 'CP Company' for Aidos and for her amazing project Clitotype 1.0

2006-10-16 Categories: CP Company, font in use, print

Homage to Armando Testa

in this artwork for Expanded Music


2006-09-29 Categories: print, sleeve design

New section of my site: FSD fonts in use

How my fonts can works. Here

Alex Dolby sleeve


2006-05-02 Categories: print, sleeve design

Three new artworks for Expanded Music

MTR2261, MTR2243, MTR2241