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Ericsson type set in Siruca™?

Another deja-vu...

Unfortunately is not my Siruca™

2010-03-29 Categories: deja vu, Siruca

PLP Architecture logo set in Siruca™?

I have a déjà vu ;)

First donation!

Fabrizio is happy

After 26,279 downloads of Siruca Pictograms, arrives the fist donation from Hiroshi Nogi of Netyear
Thanks!! Open source works!

2009-11-20 Categories: opensource, Siruca

Siruca™ is now available

Siruca™ is now available  

Siruca™ is available to licensing!
Download the specimen

2009-09-23 Categories: Siruca, site update

Siruca Pictograms™ 1.2

Siruca Pictograms by Iconwerk

Very cool new symbols designed by Iconwerk are been added to Siruca Pictograms™

Siruca™ published in Abitare

Wow! My project Siruca™ is in the Abitare homepage!

2009-03-17 Categories: Siruca

Siruca Pictograms™ 1.1

Siruca Pictograms™ for camping

O-zone, an advertising agency, added 77 new symbols to Siruca Pictograms™
All for camping. My opensource project take off! Thanks!

Siruca stencil

Siruca Stencil

available on A3 steel foil here

2009-01-29 Categories: Siruca

Siruca Pictograms™ opensource

Siruca Pictograms™ in a signage system
My Siruca Pictograms™ is available under share alike licence of Creative Commons.
1) Download this font
2) Add new symbol to the font
3) Send me your new version to make available a new Siruca Pictograms™ with more symbols
4) Your name and link will appear in Authors section
5) Thanks!

First Siruca™ contamination

Kk logo vs. k set in Siruca™

I'm very glad to see how my work influences the actual design.
A cool building with a stencil font. Well done!
See my Siruca™ to compare.

2008-08-19 Categories: deja vu, Siruca

We won!


Duccio Grassi Architects has won the competition for Al Hamra Complex!
Siruca™ will be shown in the real world…

My fonts shown in Computer Arts

Computer Art Project magazine showcase

Siruca, CP Company and Virna are shown at page 6 of Computer Art Projects magazine (UK) issue 97

2007-05-07 Categories: CP Company, print, Siruca, Virna



Siruca™ is a stencil font designed for low-budget signages

2007-03-14 Categories: Siruca, site update