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Designed by Fibonacci

Book covers for Marco Cantù  

My covers designed for Marco Cantù’s books

2009-10-19 Categories: print, site update

Siruca™ is now available

Siruca™ is now available  

Siruca™ is available to licensing!
Download the specimen

2009-09-23 Categories: Siruca, site update

Siruca Pictograms™ 1.2

Siruca Pictograms by Iconwerk

Very cool new symbols designed by Iconwerk are been added to Siruca Pictograms™

Siruca Pictograms™ 1.1

Siruca Pictograms™ for camping

O-zone, an advertising agency, added 77 new symbols to Siruca Pictograms™
All for camping. My opensource project take off! Thanks!

Siruca Pictograms™ opensource

Siruca Pictograms™ in a signage system
My Siruca Pictograms™ is available under share alike licence of Creative Commons.
1) Download this font
2) Add new symbol to the font
3) Send me your new version to make available a new Siruca Pictograms™ with more symbols
4) Your name and link will appear in Authors section
5) Thanks!

FSD T-shirts

Pragmata™ T-shirt

Take a look at my first t-shirts.



Siruca™ is a stencil font designed for low-budget signages

2007-03-14 Categories: Siruca, site update

New section of my site: FSD fonts in use

How my fonts can works. Here

AL297ET Tour update

First photos and PDF update of the absurde tour

PC OpenType Installment 004

Starts my AL297ET exhibition.
Inauguration today at 15:30 via Vignola Piacenza (Italy)

My pourpose for a mark for Milan


I've just sent my pourpose for the contest. I like it but I don't hope to win...