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Sys™ in use: Felix Heinen


Sys™ used in an infographic masterpiece

2009-06-15 Categories: font in use, Sys

Sys™ in use: Restatemedia

Good mixed use of Sys™ and SysFlash™ at restatemedia.com

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Virna free!

CP Company + Sys = Virna free!

Purchasing CP Company and Sys you’ll receive Virna for free!
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'Sys' used by Fox

Fox scoring set in Sys-Bold

Robert Howell, a broadcast designer at Fox, wrote me:

Fox purchased and is currently using Sys-Bold for the NFL on FOX Scoring system on HDTV and it maintains excellent readability at small point sizes due to the inktrap technique and hinting that you incorporated into the Sys font.

Thanks Robert!

2007-11-09 Categories: broadcast, font in use, Sys

The New Italian Design at Madrid

The New Italian Design catalog

The New Italian Design exhibition, where some of my works has been included, goes to Madrid

2007-05-18 Categories: CP Company, exhibition, Sys

Ihug uses Sys

How Sys can be used for a homepage as bitmap and antialising texts

New section of my site: FSD fonts in use

How my fonts can works. Here

Three new artworks for Expanded Music

MTR2261, MTR2243, MTR2241

'Sys' used for May 1st Reboot 2006

Thanks Paul for using 'Sys ' for the site

Italian financial mafia in an artwork

Some day ago I submitted this idea for the artwork of a new artist of my friends at Expanded Music. Unfortunately was too shocking for a dance music record... My aim is always to inform through my works. The previous successful artwork was this, it is about electromagnetic pollution and his effect on human health.
2005-10-20 Categories: sleeve design, Sys