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Ericsson type set in Siruca™?

Another deja-vu...

Unfortunately is not my Siruca™

2010-03-29 Categories: deja vu, Siruca

PLP Architecture logo set in Siruca™?

I have a déjà vu ;)

We help Haiti

Font Aid IV all chars

I designed one of these ampersand signs available in a font created to benefit the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti
More info

Which is my ampersand? ;)

The used picture in this post is © Veer

2010-02-16 Categories: font in use

Pragmata™ at 10% off

Until the end of 2009.
Download Pragmata now!

First donation!

Fabrizio is happy

After 26,279 downloads of Siruca Pictograms, arrives the fist donation from Hiroshi Nogi of Netyear
Thanks!! Open source works!

2009-11-20 Categories: opensource, Siruca

Designed by Fibonacci

Book covers for Marco Cantù  

My covers designed for Marco Cantù’s books

2009-10-19 Categories: print, site update

Siruca™ is now available

Siruca™ is now available  

Siruca™ is available to licensing!
Download the specimen

2009-09-23 Categories: Siruca, site update

Sys™ in use: Felix Heinen


Sys™ used in an infographic masterpiece

2009-06-15 Categories: font in use, Sys

Siruca Pictograms™ 1.2

Siruca Pictograms by Iconwerk

Very cool new symbols designed by Iconwerk are been added to Siruca Pictograms™

CP Company™ in use: Alpine Action Unlimited

Logo designed by Sechstagewerk

2009-03-27 Categories: CP Company, font in use

Sys™ in use: Restatemedia

Good mixed use of Sys™ and SysFlash™ at restatemedia.com

Siruca™ published in Abitare

Wow! My project Siruca™ is in the Abitare homepage!

2009-03-17 Categories: Siruca

My t-shirt idea was cloned

Another dejavu...

I'm very glad to see how my work influences the actual design.
An advertising found on Facebook days ago
and my last year t-shirt idea

2009-02-23 Categories: deja vu, t-shirts, Virna

Siruca Pictograms™ 1.1

Siruca Pictograms™ for camping

O-zone, an advertising agency, added 77 new symbols to Siruca Pictograms™
All for camping. My opensource project take off! Thanks!

Great use of Virna™!

Virna™ in use

Thanks Stewf!

2009-02-10 Categories: font in use, Virna

Siruca stencil

Siruca Stencil

available on A3 steel foil here

2009-01-29 Categories: Siruca

30% off for 30 days

FSD fonts 30% off for 30 days

Only at myfonts.com

Siruca Pictograms™ opensource

Siruca Pictograms™ in a signage system
My Siruca Pictograms™ is available under share alike licence of Creative Commons.
1) Download this font
2) Add new symbol to the font
3) Send me your new version to make available a new Siruca Pictograms™ with more symbols
4) Your name and link will appear in Authors section
5) Thanks!

Iashido uses CP Company Flash™


CP Company Flash™ used in this site of a really interesting CMS project for Flash

Atracoustic uses CP Company™

image taked from Atracoustic

Atracoustic texts set in CP Company
Thanks Antonio!

Reisetage uses CP Company™

Reisetage 08

Reisetage homepage set in CP Company

First Siruca™ contamination

Kk logo vs. k set in Siruca™

I'm very glad to see how my work influences the actual design.
A cool building with a stencil font. Well done!
See my Siruca™ to compare.

2008-08-19 Categories: deja vu, Siruca

FSD T-shirts

Pragmata™ T-shirt

Take a look at my first t-shirts.

stoneisland-corporate.com live!

Stone Island corporate site

Today I published the new site I designed with Nina Heydorn for Stone Island.
Thanks Bunker!

2008-03-12 Categories: web design

cpcompany-corporate.com live!

cpcompany-corporate.com web site

Today I published the new site I designed for C.P. Company.
Thanks Bunker for your precious support!

Virna free!

CP Company + Sys = Virna free!

Purchasing CP Company and Sys you’ll receive Virna for free!
Also at myfonts.com

'Sys' used by Fox

Fox scoring set in Sys-Bold

Robert Howell, a broadcast designer at Fox, wrote me:

Fox purchased and is currently using Sys-Bold for the NFL on FOX Scoring system on HDTV and it maintains excellent readability at small point sizes due to the inktrap technique and hinting that you incorporated into the Sys font.

Thanks Robert!

2007-11-09 Categories: broadcast, font in use, Sys

Thanks programmers!

Thanks Craig!

2007-11-02 Categories: font in use, Pragmata



I'd like to know

— graphic designers

— web programmers

— Flash designers

— web designers

— copywriters

for new projects. Write me through this page. Thanks!

2007-08-13 Categories: outsourcing

'CP Company' used by DDB

Brandt adv by DDB Paris

'CP Company' used by DDB for Brandt refrigerators advertising

The New Italian Design at Madrid

The New Italian Design catalog

The New Italian Design exhibition, where some of my works has been included, goes to Madrid

2007-05-18 Categories: CP Company, exhibition, Sys

We won!


Duccio Grassi Architects has won the competition for Al Hamra Complex!
Siruca™ will be shown in the real world…

My fonts shown in Computer Arts

Computer Art Project magazine showcase

Siruca, CP Company and Virna are shown at page 6 of Computer Art Projects magazine (UK) issue 97

2007-05-07 Categories: CP Company, print, Siruca, Virna



Siruca™ is a stencil font designed for low-budget signages

2007-03-14 Categories: Siruca, site update

Jos Hachmang uses 'CP Company'

Hachmang web site

I like very much how my 'CP Company' was used for Jos Hachmang shop. Bravi!

Thanks FontShop!

Thanks FontShop to designed the November page of your calendar using my ' CP Company'!
... and for your kind words

2006-11-30 Categories: CP Company, font in use

'CP Company' used by Cristina Chiappini

Roses of Flesh, spines of light

Cristina Chiappini used very well my 'CP Company' for Aidos and for her amazing project Clitotype 1.0

2006-10-16 Categories: CP Company, font in use, print

'Pragmata' at USD 60

Just for this week you can buy ' Pragmata', one of the most wanted font for programmers, for just USD 60 at myfonts.com

2006-10-09 Categories: Pragmata, special offers

Homage to Armando Testa

in this artwork for Expanded Music


2006-09-29 Categories: print, sleeve design

'CP Company' exhibited at Toronto

The scientific commitee of Milano Made in Design selects CP Company font as my project to exhibit in Toronto

'CP Company' for NBC-Universal

Troika used 'CP Company' for NBC Sunday Night Football

Ihug uses Sys

How Sys can be used for a homepage as bitmap and antialising texts

New section of my site: FSD fonts in use

How my fonts can works. Here

Alex Dolby sleeve


2006-05-02 Categories: print, sleeve design

Discussion with Neville Brody

Round table discussion about typography with Neville Brody, Maurizio Osti, Luciano Perondi, Leonardo Sonnoli and me at Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna (Italy), friday 7 April 18:00

2006-03-20 Categories:

AL297ET Tour update

First photos and PDF update of the absurde tour

PC OpenType Installment 004

Starts my AL297ET exhibition.
Inauguration today at 15:30 via Vignola Piacenza (Italy)

'Pragmata' is better than 'Consolas'?

Make your considerations reading here. Thanks Leon!

2006-01-03 Categories: font in use, Pragmata

'Virna' included in ADI Design Index 2005

'Virna' font was designed for MTV web site

2005-12-19 Categories: contest, Virna, web design

Norm exhibition

My friends exhibit at wonderful gallery Lucy Mackintosh, Lousanne (the architects of the space are Décosterd & Rahm, my favourites)

2005-12-12 Categories: exhibition

Three new artworks for Expanded Music

MTR2261, MTR2243, MTR2241

'Sys' used for May 1st Reboot 2006

Thanks Paul for using 'Sys ' for the site

'CP Company Flash' used for 'Floto+Warner'

Thanks WSDIA for used my CP Company Flash !

My pourpose for a mark for Milan


I've just sent my pourpose for the contest. I like it but I don't hope to win...

Italian financial mafia in an artwork

Some day ago I submitted this idea for the artwork of a new artist of my friends at Expanded Music. Unfortunately was too shocking for a dance music record... My aim is always to inform through my works. The previous successful artwork was this, it is about electromagnetic pollution and his effect on human health.
2005-10-20 Categories: sleeve design, Sys

'Pragmata' rocks!

Take a look at this blog of typographic experts.

Or just to this programmers site

2005-10-19 Categories: font in use, Pragmata

Graphic competition for Milano

Comune di Milano competition for Milano turistic identity.

More info at AIAP (in Italian only)

2005-10-18 Categories: contest, identity design