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PragmataPro™ is a condensed monospaced font optimized for screen, designed by Fabrizio Schiavi to be the ideal font for coding, math and engineering

PragmataPro coding and math font

PragmataPro™ has no interline spacing, so the lines are more compact in height not just in width. You can view a lot of windows at the same time!

PragmataPro more working space

Designed for the best possible view at low sizes

More than 9000 characters optimized
from 9pt to 48pt to guarantee the best possible readability

Download screenshots for your evaluation here

PragmataPro, some bitmaps

One typeface, 5 families for the right need

PragmataPro is a spaced modularly font family.
PragmataPro Mono is a very monospaced.
These two families coming with or without ligatures.
Essential PragmataPro is the less expensive version to coding for English only.

PragmataPro Regular version now has more than 10,000 glyphs!
The Bold, Italic and Bold Italic versions have more than 7000 chars.

PragmataPro packs structure

Very useful files before and after the purchase

PragmataPro, PragmataPro Mono and Essential PragmataPro


PragmataPro vs PragmataPro Mono vs Essential PragmataPro,
OpenType features and hidden extras

Selectable TXT file with All Glyphs of PragmataPro


Copy and paste the char you looking for, with Unicode positioning

All Glyphs of PragmataPro png


The screenshot of “All_chars.txt” set in PragmataPro

IMPORTANT: All the updates until version 1.0 will be FREE — The actual version is 0.828

Essential PragmataPro version doesn’t include ligatures


  1. alextes (verified owner)

    Have been using it for about a year now. I tried occasionally switching to other fonts, for variety and fun. It never lasts long. Pragmata Pro is just ridiculously right for coding.

  2. andreypopp (verified owner)

    Been using it for 2 years and this is by far the best monospaced font I’ve ever used. Highly recommend, especially if you like to have multiple splits of code editors side by side — the font’s condensed structure makes it a breeze.

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